Say aliens have invaded Earth -- what do we do now?

Aliens appear in the sky above us. Our reaction is two-fold: we try to open communications, and we simultaneously prepare our frightening but fairly ineffectual nuclear weapons (at the target floating in space, where nuclear explosions don't actually do much damage). After a while some country panics and opens fire, and, like any species capable of high speed space travel that can reach different solar systems logically would, the aliens dismiss the weapons in their own equivalent of a raised eyebrow and eviscerate the threat.

Nearly all humans die.

What happens next?

Well, we don’t really know either, but by all estimates it wouldn’t be pretty. When there are cities like Leicester openly admitting that we aren’t even ready for a zombie apocalypse and the application of a well-placed, well-powered EMP could make parts of Die Hard 4 almost realistic, the picture is definitely dismal.

This blog will form as we, Rachel and Rusty, write about the probable aftereffects about that hypothetical apocalypse. Power sources would become useless, cities would fall apart, and social order of any magnitude would become sketchy at best. Expect links to (and commentary of) international emergency procedures, writing techniques, philosophy, survivalism guidebooks and pretty much anything else under the sun.

There will be excerpts, arguments, scientific theories, and maybe even an offhand zombie reference or two (because regardless of if it’s alien, zombie, or nuclear, an apocalypse is an apocalypse) as we figure out what’s what and what’s likely. So grab your generator, your ham radio, and your most authoritative sci-fi novel, and welcome to:

How to Survive Alien Invasion Novels