Environmental Artist Misses the Point

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…and helps add to the idea that people would be wiped out without technology. This video by Ross Ching (promoted by treehugger.com) shows Los Angeles without cars. He puts quite a bit of effort into it – Photoshopping cars out of video can be as obnoxious as hell, and he got rid of them all with minimal CGI/Sims-ish effects – and also adds some generic Radiohead music to the background, presumably to highlight the beauty of nature without our personal smog machines -- and, you know, us.

He got rid of the cars, and that’s cool. But, in doing so, he got rid of the people. All the humans (all the animals really) are conspicuously, terribly gone. It’s like a flashback to that Discovery Channel show about Earth when all the humans mysteriously disappear and the plants take back our societies and all signs of artificial construction.

I’m not sure if the point of the video was to highlight the beauty of the world without cars (nixed by the roadways still carving up nature) or to ominously say that, unless people shape up their car habits, there will be no people to shape up their car habits. The only thing I saw was that, if you take away cars, you accidentally take away people: to get rid of people, you don’t get rid of people – just get rid of the technology.

Holy shit, it’s EMP time.

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