The Human-Alien Spectrum

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What happens when aliens aren’t aliens and humans are the ones invading the earth?

Despite what the above might sound like, this is not an anti-anthropocentric rant about people destroying the environment. It is instead a question about the difference between humans and aliens once humans spread out beyond the Earth in a serious sort of manner.

For example, after people have theoretically colonized several or several dozen planets throughout the local portion of the galaxy, are we all still human, or will the great distances and lack of light-speed-breaking technology so separate reproduced genes that difference species will evolve?

This, after a course of thousands or millions of years, seems inevitable: planets so far away that interplanetary breeding doesn’t often occur will lead to different strains of homo sapiens something instead of homo sapiens sapiens. But this is almost too far in the future to be any fun, since even the nearest things to contemporary humans will be alien to us.

Instead, I’m wondering about a fuzzier middle ground. Part of what makes aliens aliens isn’t just that they aren’t terrestrial (though, that would be a shock) or that they’re different (there’re so many Earthen species of plants and animals we know nothing about that that’s a non-unique factor), but a combination of these with the unknown potential of what they represent. Even if people become ‘alien’ to each other, they don’t solidify the probability of billions of unknowns out there in the back. But if you have people spread out in galactic bases, with completely removed cultures, capabilities, motives, and thought processes, they’re essentially alien nonetheless. The only factors these would seem to lack are a lack of humanoid form and a paradigm shift about being alone in the universe.

Which leads to all sorts of difference scenarios: humans attacking humans, humans considering themselves as apart from humans; earth-based humans considering themselves ‘pure’ and starting a whole new kind of space race war. Some people, recognizing themselves as not traditional humans, might freely make military alliances with traditional aliens against the Earth without even considering it betrayal or corruption.

Actually, as people grow used to different atmospheres, gravitational fields, environments, and are even inoculated for different diseases, what is considered ‘normal’ will drastically change; wars also gain another dimension as people from planets with different gravitational field-strengths realize that they can’t even act on one with a stronger field without assistance (not a good starting point for military action)—the inability to even go home to Earth would definitely change loyalties and identity.

The Hammer of God by Arthur C. Clarke talked about this a bit as a main character, gradually falling out of the habit of exercising under conditions similar to Earth , loses bone and muscle strength. He can never return home to his family.

A whole new arena just opens up when people breach the alien gap. Usually an alien invasion is seen as something that would link all the nations together as a human contingent – Adrian Veidt in Watchmen certainly thought so. But what will happen when this is no longer, and never will be again, the case?

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