Intergalactic Property Values

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A couple posts ago I started going over potential motives for an alien invasion (assuming of course that our future overlords' system of logic is similar to our own). Now that we've gone over the (wrong) idea that aliens would invade us for our resources, lets move into more likely reasons.

They Could Be Seeking to Colonize Planets Suitable to Their Species

Now, I know this seems to conflict with the Principle of Mediocrity. For those of you who don't want to read the link, basically the Principle of Mediocrity (similar to the Copernican Principle) is the assumption that the characteristics that allow life to exist on earth aren't all that rare and that we (as a planet) hold no special place in the universe. So, if we hold the principle to be true its quite likely there are may planets out there that are fairly similar to earth.

It is important to remember though that the Principle of Mediocrity doesn't mean there are earth-like planets all over the place throughout the universe. In fact its possible (though debatable) that there are only a couple earth-like planet in our little (though still massive) section of the galaxy, thus any traveling civilization looking for a new home in our area would be more likely to choose us.

Like usual though, there are a couple assumptions we need to make:

  1. If an alien civilization is interested in colonizing and living on our planet they must have evolved to live in a similar environment.
  2. Said Alien civilization must either be unable to terraform or limited in their ability to easily do so.

These assumptions are important for a couple of reasons. The first one is just basic logic. If an alien civilization wants to colonize the earth and live here for an extended period of time then its necessary that the earth is at least slightly more similar to their original planet than any other planet they are capable of reaching. After all, if they can reach a planet they're more comfortable living on then they would logically choose to colonize that planet rather than ours (unless the planets better suited than earth are also better defended).

The second assumption covers one of the major holes left by the first one. If a civilization is capable of easily terraforming a planet to their needs, then it doesn't really make sense for them to travel the massive distances of space in order to reach our planet (unless of course the distance means nothing to them, though at that point we're screwed anyway).

There are a couple of different outcomes (some of them contradictory) that can arise if these assumptions are valid depending on what other assumptions are made. For example if life in the universe is more common on earth-like planets it means our intergalactic property values (and our odds of being invaded) go up quite a bit. On the other hand if life on earth-like planets isn't exactly the norm then while our property values might decrease our odds of survival increase.

I guess that means you get to take your pick, though I for one wouldn't mind the lower property values.

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