Why First Contact is Bad

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You know what would be cool? Being alive when first contact occurs. Certainly the months and years following first contact will be full of wonder and excitement as humanity strives to understand what the existence of extraterrestrial life implies as well as what it means for us. However, while it would be nice I don't believe humanity will be ready for contact with an extraterrestrial species in my lifetime for a number of reasons.

First and foremost is the fact that we don't have a system in place for dealing with any visitors. Who would represent earth? Where? Would it be an individual or a group? How do we make sure they're doing what's best for everybody? While the United Nations does have a Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) and an Office for Outer Space Affairs (OOSA) both the UN general assembly and the COPUOS have shown little to no interest in the exact procedure that should take place in the event first contact is made. In all fairness there are several plans that give vague outlines for what would be done after first contact and SETI and affiliated programs have released several documents detailing protocols and procedures that will be used if they receive positive proof (basically tell people).

We would also face the issue of how we would present ourselves to an alien civilization. Currently there are between 192 and 205 countries (depending on how you count countries in dispute) and while they generally get along, most of them have their own personal interests that don't necessarily coincide with what's best for everybody as a whole. Therefore the same would apply in the instance of alien contact. And that's assuming everybody within each country more or less agrees with everybody else in said country, which we all know is rarely the case. Furthermore there are the loose cannons,” groups or individuals with their own agendas that don't actually care about anybody but themselves. It certainly doesn't take much imagination to picture a scene where somebody looking to fulfill some strange belief, decides to attack, threaten, or cause problems for humanity's diplomats. And heaven help us if somebody decides to attack one of our guests' party.

And speaking of a painful death we also face a major issue if even a single armed government or organization decides to shoot first and ask questions later. While its unlikely that anything humans have would actually be capable of harming the aliens - unless they were complete pacifists - that probably won't help if they see our actions as openly hostile. Furthermore it's highly improbable that any extraterrestrial delegates we do see will be the entirety of their race so even if we kill our visitors there will probably be more. If this happens they will likely see us as a violent, warlike species and perform whatever actions they deem necessary to keep us in line. While its possible these actions might not be deadly to the species as a whole its quite likely they would be unpleasant.

Things get even worse for us when we consider the even further implications of extraterrestrials existing. The fact that we find a single alien race heavily implies the existence of others. If by some miracle we did  manage to win a war with an alien civilization it probably wouldn't be long before we find ourselves on the bad end of any number of doomsday scenarios. After-all, if alien civilizations are anything like human civilizations they won't be thrilled at all to learn about a potential new competitor that is willing to be violent and aggressive, at which point we would probably be faced with any number of terrifying doomsday scenarios.

Of course some of this goes out the window if it turns out there's some sort of intergalactic bureaucracy willing to be patient with us and walk us through the steps of joining the intergalactic community. Though even then we would still have to deal with any dissenting individuals, groups or radical elements that might arise after first contact. Then again who knows? Maybe generous aliens have an ethically acceptable way of dealing with extremists.

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  1. We'll be their pets so this is all moot. They'll bum fuck us.

  2. While we doubt it'll be quite like that, or quite that anthropomorphic... chances are an invasion of superior aliens won't be fun, yes.