Asteroid Mining: Peter Diamandis's TED Talk

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What does Peter Diamandis have to do with James Cameron's Planetary Resources venture? Not only is he presenting the first real peek into the whole thing tomorrow at Seattle's Museum of Flight, his general stance on all things space-related gives us quite a few clues into what anything he promotes might be all about.

While this TED Talk from 2005 doesn't explicitly say anything about asteroid mining -- and, to be honest, neither does that mysterious press release -- it gives a nice overview of what the space industry could be.

Diamandis begins by giving the three main reasons for space exploration: curiosity, fear, and wealth; and the majority of the presentation focuses on the latter two. Asteroids aren't just a potential money-making venture, after all; they're also a very real threat to all the forms of life that we know about, including our own. NASA has had various projects about recording and keeping an eye on near-Earth objects (NEOs), but we need a more active solution to the problem. Like space colonies.

(That's right. Like space colonies.)

Using the phrase 'planet redundancy' to conceptualize all the possibilities that come from spreading out into the solar system and universe at large, Diamandis also goes into why privatized companies are the way to make this happen -- and how they already have.

Tomorrow, we can also expect expect him to talk about why privatized companies are the way to make this happen -- in the future.

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