Michio Kaku: The Birth Pangs of a Planetary Civilization Video

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Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku summarizes the Kardashev Scale -- and our place on it -- in five minutes. He also describes the potential levels of society in terms of Flash Gordon, Star Trek, and Star Wars, which is fairly epic for a physicist.

Sadly, we're still below Flash Gordon in terms of societal evolution.

Beginning with a bit of context with what Kardashev was looking for, Mister Kaku explains each part of the scale by giving them clear signifiers -- planetary(1), planetary systems(2), galactic(3), and universal (the awesome, godly, and slightly more theoretical 4) -- and each type is then given a corresponding sci-fi reference. (Before I go on, I just want to point out that even people leaving comments on YouTube refer to him as 'Mister Kaku.')

And, while we're still sub-Flash Gorden (and sub-Buck Rogers, he adds), there's hope: each time communication breaks down national barriers, each time cultures and people are a little less prejudicial and violent, we edge away from Type Zero and up towards Type One.

Where we can control the weather and volcanoes. Awesome.

Part warning about the messiness involved in transitioning to Type One, part science fiction rundown, this video gives a spectrum of potential civilizations and presents the probability that we're the people who might make it to Type One and become a planetary civilization.

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