Copernican and Tychonian Simulations of the Solar System

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Here’s a cool find.

This simulation of the solar system, while not explicitly related to extraterrestrial invasions, is certainly worth taking a look. Not only does it model the solar system chronologically (not by scale), but it shows a few of the barriers to space exploration that are fairly in-house.

Namely, the Asteroid Belt, the distance -- even though the model isn’t to scale, it still depicts the sheer amount of distance we have to struggle through to get anywhere new --  and the Tychonian model of the Solar System.

That last bit articulates a long-standing mental issue with exploring the Universe rather than a physical one, but it’s just as valid. And, in the context of how we might categorize extraterrestrial life and a few rather fixated rules of physics, us thinking we’re the center of things might still be a problem.

You can also find how the solar system is aligned on a certain date (and, yes, we’re all tempted to see if the planets pull a Tomb Raider on December 21, so you won’t be alone).

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