Baptizing E.T.

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One of the most common archetypes of the sci-fi genre is the religious character who refuses to believe aliens could possibly exist and so makes things worse for everyone involved. While it's certainly possible such characters might exist in reality, it's reassuring to read something like this:

If you can't read the article, basically one of the Pope's astronomers made a statement in 2010 reiterating a previous announcement from the Vatican that alien life would not conflict with the Bible, nor would the church discriminate if the aliens wished to convert.

While I've never been a huge fan of the Vatican – or organized religion in general – I'm kind of glad to see some theologians actually considering the religious ramifications of alien contact. While the idea of baptizing an alien might seem a bit strange, its always nice to see the addendum, “if it asked,” especially when one remembers certain former Central-American Catholic missionary practices.

In general, I find the idea of how different religious groups might respond to alien contact absolutely fascinating and would love to read more on the subject. So, can anybody recommend any good books, blogs, papers, articles, or movies that discuss or examine how different types of people might respond? What about how different religions might respond? 

And what do you think personally? Do you think alien contact would turn the religious world on its head? Do you think the concept of aliens could be easily integrated into most human faiths? Are some religions completely opposed to the possibility of alien life? If you can answer any of these please leave a comment.

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