June 9, 2012: This Week's Alien and Space News

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The big news this week, save for one thing, has been the rather large lack of alien news. There’s been no noise on the ongoing Martian life debate, no money for NASA, and no life in Gliese 581. However, in some sort of interesting twist, Mars and aliens have been represented nonetheless. Mars One has proposed a no-return Martian colony to start in about ten years: there might not be Martians, but humans might become the first aliens we know about.

NASA’s being a bit dramatic but I can’t blame them: With the wonderfully surreal title of ‘Scientists to Hold Bake Sale for NASA Saturday,’ this article is all about the protest that happened earlier today. Scientists had planned a series of slightly pathetic and sarcastic fundraisers like bake sales and car washes to generate funds. I appreciate the combination of snippiness and sincerity, and hopefully it’ll bring attention to the fairly massive budget cuts NASA is facing. Of course, maybe if NASA stopped chopping away at their actual space activity and, you know, success, their funding wouldn’t be at such a risk.

The bad news is that the system didn’t pick up signals, but the good news is that the system works: This article is kind of a mixed bag. Gliese 581 has been a big name in habitable zone topics since it’s a solar system with a red dwarf and six planets (one of which might be Earth-like). SETI’s been using the Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) to do targeted searches for signals; unfortunately, it can’t pick up weak signals the equivalent of our daily radio signals, but it should pick up things sent towards Earth purposefully.

Humans to become aliens, and then maybe Martians: This isn’t an article, but instead a website entirely dedicated to the rather awesome idea of a Mars colony. It’ll be continuously growing, and there will be no chance to return to Earth. This is all incredibly exciting, if slightly dampened by the idea that a large part of the funding will be generated a by reality show of the colony. But even this is potentially a good thing, as reality show watchers might learn something, and people in space are pretty physically incapable of having sex-related drama. Also, because the humans going on this trip will never be back on Earth, maybe they’ll adapt the identity of Martians. Even if they don’t, they became the first known life to visit a different planet, and we’ll have an odd sort of alien invasion on our hands.

As a whole it hasn’t been an overly exciting and newsy work. Even the serious consideration of a Mars colony is only a theoretical attempt without even solid baseline transforming the idea into reality. But there’s always hope that there’ll be more news about aliens and space in the next week (or in the next ten years).

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