National Geographic: Alien Invasion

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So, having heard about the recent confusion surrounding the upcoming “Speculative Documentary on Mermaids,” (read: strange waste of resources from a channel that should invest in actual educational material) I was reminded of a National Geographic speculative documentary simply entitled, Alien Invasion.

Naturally, while I can't explicitly point you to a site to watch it illegally on, it's not too difficult to find on Youtube. Additionally, National Geographic has set up a website with basic information about the film and some teasers, which can be found here.

--> The picture itself is decent enough. While the makers fall into many of the pitfalls associated with assuming aliens aren't all that different from us, or that they came to Earth for resources -- something we've discussed previously, –  it's altogether nice to see an attempt at a serious documentary on the impacts of an alien invasion.

Having said that, don't go into this expecting to learn a ton. The film covers a wide range of topics and naturally, doesn't have time to go in depth into any one subject which is honestly a shame because the film hints at some of the more interesting societal after-effects of an alien invasion.

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