History of Attempted Alien Communication: Happy National Radio Silence Day(s)

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The ‘aliens are everywhere we can imagine’ craze of the 19th century did not die out, despite the countless times that belief in anthropomorphic alien civilizations on nearby rocks like the Moon, Mars, and Venus had been completely proven wrong. In fact, as Nikola Tesla and Guglielmo Marconi got involved with the radio, proximal alien mania developed into the idea that aliens are still everywhere we can imagine, we just need to communicate with them differently.
‘Differently’ meaning by radio.

So, 28 years after Tesla first suggested using radio to make contact with aliens, the United States established a one-time-only National Radio Silence Day on August 21-23, 1924, when Mars was closer to Earth than it had been for the past century or would be again for another.

For each of the thirty-six hours within the established time frame, every radio in the country was silent. The US Naval Observatory used these times to fly a dirigible carrying a radio receiver 3 miles into the air. Tuned to a wavelength 8-9 kilometers long, the receiver was expected to pick up transmissions from Mars and Chief Cryptographer of the US Army William F. Friedman was expected to translate them.

Needless to say, William F. Friedman’s services weren’t really needed; not only have we not yet found any signs of life on Mars, any life we might possibly find will probably not have left the microbial stage let alone entered the radio communication stage.

But the country as a whole deserves a bit of credit for being so interested in the possibly of communicating with extraterrestrials that it was willing to let a main source of information and entertainment be interrupted for science.

Good luck getting that to happen today --- the last time that happened, main sources of information and entertainment shut down to stop the potential destruction of these main sources at the hands of the government.

Let’s take a moment of silence here, not to potentially pick up alien communication, but to salute Wikipedia (where I found out about National Radio Silence Day to begin with).

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