The Ultimate Bad Alien Science Fiction Idea

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Forget scary alien apocalypses where we collectively commit suicide after the newest generation of humans become psychic baby aliens. Don’t even worry about invasions of body snatchers or Heinlein’s amorphous alien blobs that make you a hunchback and take over your brain. Dying en masse because a galactic alliance throws the book at human civilization is only kind of rough. Having a martial, elephantine alien species go to war with you at the cost of millions of lives isn’t precisely spectacular, but it could be worse. We could all probably do without Doctor Who’s shenanigans of destroying London, the planets, and bits of the Universe but it’s no big deal, especially since he usually puts it back. Asteroids aren’t a problem and neither is Red Weed, though that’s a bit closer.
The real problem is when some extraterrestrial bacteria lands on Earth, turns out to be an invasive species and starts gnawing away at the trees. Trees, not just a specific species of tree. The strain of bacteria, now irreparably widespread due to trade, infects the majority of humans – hell, let’s make that everything with a brain – and turns them into hungry, hungry zombies.
The few surviving pockets of humanity hurriedly (and rather inexplicably) develop AI both as a form of protection for their stronghold and as a way to record the remainder of human thought (because once Animalia becomes Zombie-malia, humans are pretty assuredly toast). But the AI turns against their human creators Terminator-style, as AI always does when not Robin Williams, and starts retaking the planet from its fleshy and flesh-eating foes. However, since each pocket of now-dead humans separately created AI, we now have AI C++ and AI Python fighting for dominance, a fight which escalates into nuclear warfare – the ensuing EMP and outright physical destruction destroys all remaining vestiges of everything, from Arnold Schwarzenegger to little zombie fish.
And then it turns out that the initial microbes were left-over biological weapons from an alien war millions and millions of years ago that never would have affected us if we learned how to stop cross-contaminating space gear before we brought stuff back from Mars. We find this out in a time-bending epilogue, because the multiverse is being swallowed up by an increasingly large black hole and, since we don’t know any better, I can pretend that’s how time in a black hole works.
Aliens. Zombies. Hostile artificial intelligence, nuclear warfare, and a giant catastrofuck caused by an overlooked detail. And the end of the universe surrounded by a bunch of bad science.
Out sub-genre that, sci-fi world.
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