Yo-Yoing in Space and What This Means For Children

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Here's a nice little video of a NASA scientist yo-yoing in space.

When I first saw this video I was incredibly jealous -- since yo-yoing is one of my favorite hobbies -- but the more I thought about it the less appealing this seems. There are thousands of yo-yo tricks and a great majority of them require gravity.

Which brings me to my main point. One of the most often overlooked issues with a space-faring civilization is the children. Admittedly, people might discuss the process of giving birth or ways to insure the child's body isn't adversely affected by the lack of gravity but I've never heard people discuss how children might be entertained. As anybody who's gone on a road-trip with a child before will tell you, children need to be entertained or they start to cause problems.

"But it's space!" you might say, "space should always be interesting to children." What's important to remember though is that space probably becomes a lot less interesting when you were born and raised there. I think one of the reasons we find space so intriguing is because we interact with it so little.

But even if children never get bored with space, they'll still want to play with toys. Naturally this presents several problems. For one, children would have to have some special way to attach the toys to something. Otherwise, if the child is playing with more than two toys at a time, the third will probably float away and have to be chased down. Additionally, any toys with small parts or that break apart easily are going to be incredibly difficult -- and potentially dangerous -- to find when they get lost, since they could be anywhere. On earth at least, we know toys are probably on something. In space, a lost toy could be literally anywhere in the space craft.

I'm not saying that I don't want humanity to move into space, or that being in child in space couldn't be fun. I'm just saying that I don't want to be a parent in space.

But what do you think? Will children have more difficulty playing with toys in space? Will they be able to play with the same toys or will new ones have to be invented that are. "space friendly"? And how might parents respond to the challenges of raising children in space?

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