November 12, 2012: This Week's Alien and Space News

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This week’s space and alien news is a pretty optimistic collection of pieces. While there are no aliens yet, there are more Earth-like planets that might host life (whether it be humans or extraterrestrials). There is also all sorts of space, like the implementation of ideas that make future long-term space travel possible, the reminder that there’s been a human in space for the past twelve years, and hope that we might actually go back to the moon relatively soon.
Studying Space Neutrons: Space has radiation, which, at this point in time, is hardly new knowledge. But scientists don’t really know that much about space radiation specifically, let alone how to block it for future long-term space missions. In order to better study the effects of space radiation, NASA is refocusing on neutrons through the ANS, or Advanced Neutron Spectrometer. Neutrons are usually hard to study, being as how they’re electrically neutral and don’t set off the majority of devices used to study other phenomena, but hopefully NASA will make progress with this specially designed isotopic lithium sensor.
WWW, Meet DTN: While the above radiation issue certainly puts a damper on space travel, another problem is the lack of Internet and communication ability in space. But NASA and the ESA have been looking for an answer to this, and NASA’s Disruption Tolerant Networking has been successfully used to connect the International Space Station to Germany. There’s still a lot more testing to go, seeing as how this won’t exactly be an Internet that can drop without potentially killing people or wrecking missions worth millions of dollars, but so far, so good.
A More Earth-Like Alien Earth: New planets are being found all over the place. And, as our telescopes and planet-sensing formulae improve, a growing number of those have been specified as in the habitable zone. This means that they have the potential for Earth-like climates and Earth-like living conditions, and also might have alien life. None of that has really been pinned down for sure yet, but there are two planets that are both in the habitable zone and far enough away from their sun to have days and nights. The particular planet in the article is just 42 light-years away – not exactly a distance we’re capable of doing anything with right now, but certainly closer Kepler 22d at 600 light years away, which is the only other planet we know of with the same conditions.
We Might Actually Make It Back to the Moon: I’m skeptical. NASA’s funding for Mars has been increasingly shaky in the last couple of years, and we’ve all heard promises about going back to the moon first. But maybe, just maybe, NASA will have a manned outpost just beyond the moon. Not only would this establish a permanent human presence further out in space, it keeps the momentum going for our potential manned exploration of an asteroid in 13 years. But I’ll believe it when I see it (or if SpaceX says they’ll do it).
Best Space App Ever: It’s increasingly wonderful when space and science become increasingly popular through regular media and news. And while this by no means tops live YouTube coverage of high school science experiments in outer space, having an app that’ll text you when the International Space Station is right over you is definitely up there. 90% of the population on Earth can see the ISS pretty frequently; we just never notice it since it looks kind of like a star. And creating convenient and direct reminders that there are people out in space – and one person or another has been out in space for the last 12 years – is pretty useful. To sign up for the automatic texts through “Spot the Station,” just click here.

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