Six Days Left Until Nothing Happens

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December 21, 2012. 12-21-12.

It’s being predicted as the most annoying day on Facebook. It’s the day Arthur Dent will lay down in front of the bulldozer that’s trying to destroy his house, the day the Mayans will get some rather unsatisfying revenge on the European-descendant-dominant global whatever that historically wiped out the majority of civilizations in the Western Hemisphere (because all Indians are, of course, the same), and the day the world will end. Probably in a very exciting cluster of multiple apocalypses.

Only one of those is true, and it’s the Facebook one. Which is really sad, because I was sure that the most annoying day on Facebook would have been any given 24 hours in the three months leading up to the presidential election.

So, to anyone who’s concerned about living past the zombies, galactic alignment, or cosmological what-have-you this upcoming Friday, here’s Neil deGrasse Tyson laughing at you in 2009. For the rest of us, here’s Neil deGrasse Tyson in his usual mix of entertainment and information about some planetary pseudoscience. 

It's the Internet, and we've all come across the 12-21-12 hype. If you've found any particularly hilarious space-related theories, or a video of Steven Hawking or someone debunking cleverly, be sure to share the fun! 

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